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Our Activities ―action1

"Researching and developing landscaping technology"

JLCA research activities are designed to benefit as many people and places as possible. As such, we endeavor to develop technology and skills not only for development and maintenance of city parks, but also for national parks, rivers, roadways and other areas.

Research themes include the following:

Technology for developing planting and cultivation bases

LCA is cooperating with the Construction Ministry's Public Works Research Institute to develop various types of planting and cultivation bases. Among the projects we run are those to improve planting bases and find better ways of promoting plant growth. We also support standardization of technology for planting and cultivation bases.


Methods for growing and protecting large roadside trees

JLCA is conducting research to unearth better ways of growing and protecting large trees. This effort recognizes that placing trees along our roadways is an essential part of the beautification process.


Approaches to creating floral areas in cities

The focus here is on developing technology for planting and maintaining flowers in public facilities and other places within cities.


Near-natural landscaping technique

JLCA is studying and evaluating biotope and ecological systems with regard to landscaping applications. Work is also being done on ways to improve treatment of our ecology.


Management and maintenance of parks and other green areas

With greater resources being devoted to parks and other green areas, efforts are underway to identify efficient management systems.


Green zero emission efforts in landscaping industry

-We design recycling systems to minimize waste from the landscape industry in an effort to develop and maintain a zero-emission environment.

-We draw up guidelines on the development of recycling systems for JLCA member companies.